The Abs Trainer

Strengthen your Muscles

Are you not able to go to the GYM? Don’t worry we are here with an amazing abs stimulator. This will help you to strengthen your abs without gym. 


Abdominal Muscles

Train your Abs to be in the perfect shape. Remove extra fat from your tummy and reduce love handles.



Strengthen your arms without doing heavy exercises. Simply wear this on your arms for 20 mins daily.

Our Abs Stimulator Uses EMS technology.
EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.


Tighten your thighs by simply wearing this stimulator on your thighs. Remove extra fat from your thighs.



Never miss the legs workout again! This legs stimulator will help you to tighten your legs muscles.

Product Features

Let's have a look at the product description. Read some must know facts about our product.


We use ABS material while making this product. This is nature friendly and safe for all kind of body types.


Our Abs Stimulator Uses EMS technology. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.

Rechargeable battery

Our Abs stimulator has rechargeable battery. This enhance the machine performance.

Multiple Modes and Frequency

With multiple performance modes you can adjust the vibration and frequency according to your need.

USB cable Included

We have already included the USB charging cable for you. You Don't need to buy a separate one.

Input/Output Power

Input power source - 100-240V,50/60Hz Output power - DC5V- 1000mA

Package Includes


Abdominal Patch

You will get 1 Abdominal patch for your abs and your back.

Main Controller Unit + USB Cable

You will get 3 of main controller units and one USB cable. You can use both abs and arms trainer at a single time.

Arms Belt

2x Arms or legs patches included in the packages.

How to use the Muscle Trainer

1. Take out the trainer from the box

Unbox the product and take out the trainer from the box. Place the gel pads on the body part that you want to train (Arm, Abs, Legs)

2. Turn on and start exercise

Now turn on the device by pressing "+" button for 3 seconds and select a mode. Use it for 15 minutes twice a day for minimum 60 days.

3. Turn off

Once you are done with your exercise simply turn off the device by pressing "-" button for 3 seconds. Put it on charging after use. Keep the device clean and out of reach of kids.

See in the Action

Muscle Trainer Benefits

Exercise Anytime Anywhere

Anywhere anytime

Expected Results

You can expect great results only if

  • Use the muscle trainer daily for 20 minutes twice a day
  • Continue your routine for at least 60 days
  • Follow the perfect diet plan
  • Don't eat junk food on daily basis
  • Avoid bad habits for your body

Professional Reviews

Please read some reviews from the professional body builder and GYM trainers.

If you want to exercise each and every part of your body then I highly recommend you to use this product. I generally use this on every Sunday for Abs.
Jeff Adams
Pro Bodybuilder
It helped me to remove some fat from my thighs. The best part of this product is you can use it anywhere, anytime you want. If you are a working women you should give it a try.
Ariana Foxx
Professional Model
Body building is my passion and I like the traditional ways. But when I tried this abs stimulator I started loving it. Now I use it daily for around 15 minutes after my gym workout.
Michael Henry
Professional Boxer

Customers Reviews


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